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Trilo Vacuum Sweepers and Blowers

The ultimate brand in Vacuum Sweepers for collecting Grass, leaves and rubbish. Multifunctional as well mow or scarify and collect in a single pass.

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Progressive Turf Equipment

Manufacturers of World Class Rotary Finishing Mowers Since 1990

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Brouwer Turf Equipment

Brouwer turf harvesters were the first harvesters on the market with roll-up systems and autosteering. The unique Robomax Autostacker is the next step ahead

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Trebro Harvesting Equipment

From conventional harvesters to ultimate high production automatic stacking equipment.

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Kesmac Turf Equipment

Kesmac is the leading manufacturer of mechanically driven reel mowers. a range of innovative Harvesters like the Slab-Matic have been the latest addition.

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Magnum Big Roll Harvesters

Magnum Harvesters are specialised in Big Rolls, They developed a range of semi- automatic and automatic big roll harvesters including a sod installer.

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Rotadairon Equipment

Pneumatic Seeders and Soil Treatment tools.

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Ryan Turf Equipment

Compact Lawn & Garden Equipment

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