SC 2010

Trebro SC 2010

Built from the ground up, the SC 2010 is Trebro's newest automatic turf harvester which  incorporates the technology of both the AutoStack and HarveStack. This compact, light weight  machine folds to fit into a standard ocean freight container for reduced offshore shipping costs.

The SC 2010 is an extremely maneuverable machine that features a 170-degree front steering axle that minimizes turning time at the end of the field and can quickly and easily move full pallets of turf when a forklift is not available.

This automatic stacking turf harvester is powered by a John Deere engine and is completed with a comfortable, roomy driver station with a 90-degree rotating seat which provides excellent visibility of harvesting and stacking functions.

The SC 2010 can produce up to 1,500 sq. yds. per hour and is equipped with a 24-in. cutting head with adjustable-down-pressure for improved turf quality.