SR 48 big roll harvester

Magnum SR 48 big roll harvester

The Magnum 48 SR is a semi-automatic big roll harvesting machine. Incorporating all the features of the magnum 48 BR, the 48 SR has loads of additional features that help reduce downtime, saves lots of labour and speeds up harvest time. It’s large removable tube rack is easy to reload. A tube injector makes for quick and easy tube addition and with the net injector you can add netting to the roll.


Technical specifications Magnum SR 480 big roll harvester

  • Cutter head:                        Solid head or twin floating
  • Cutting width:                      76, 107 or 120 cm
  • Length of cut:                      up to 35 meter
  • Cutting thickness:               6 - 75 mm
  • Capacity:                              up to 1500 m2/hour
  • Size:                                      838 x 259 x 238 cm
  • Weight:                                2948 kg ( depending on options)
  • Cut-off system:                    automatic
  • Optional:                              Netting application