Brouwer Sod Installers

RM 2430

Brouwer Rollmate RM 2430

Hydrostatic powered sod installer. It’s able to lift a roll of turf weighing up to 1,500 lbs and lay 24” or 30” wide large rolls. It’s low center of gravity makes it perfect for turf installation on banks and slopes up to 30 degrees.

Brouwer RM 2448 big roll installer

Brouwer RM 2448 big roll installer

The RollMate RM 2448 sod layer is the ideal sod layer for sod growers, landscapers, rental outlets and other contractors. The 48” (120 cm) wide, 4 ft 48” diameter, 2000 pound roll capacity along with the exceptional manoeuvrability, make the RM 2448 an ideal choice for most sod laying applications. The Brouwer RM 2448 is an outstanding machine for operating on slopes, highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate.