Brouwer Sod Harvesters


Brouwer SH1576 Turf Harvester

Heavy-duty cutting head frame with independent cutting head. Works well in heavy clay soil.


Brouwer SH1570 Turf Harvester

New lighter weight floating cutting head for improved turf quality and less waste. Uncluttered see-through design for easy maintenance and operation.

Brouwer SH 2125

Brouwer SH 2125 with pivoting cutter head

Pivoting one piece cutter head and conveyor frame, with hydraulic depth control. Floats for uniform sod thickness. Fits John Deere 5065 tractor configurations.


Brouwer Rollmax

24” cutting width for maximum turf quality and efficiency. all functions controlled from the tractor seat. Ground speed hydraulics prevent tearing of turf. Turf Rolls are ejected to the harvested side, out of the way of the next pass.